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Save Time & Money With These Commercial Sushi Machines

Maki Sushi Roll Machines

Spreading rice sheets and rolling sushi by hand is time-consuming, can be unhygienic, and can lead to inconsistent sushi rolls. As your production volumes increase, and your shop expands, you will need to find a way to consistently make more sushi rolls.

Many shops also hire part-time, or inexperienced staff, which can cause a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining a high standard of finished product.

These rice sheeting and rolling machines solve these problems for you. They are dead simple to use, and help you to make higher quality sushi, faster, and more consistently.

They are great for those who may be less experienced in making sushi, who want peace of mind knowing that their store can make high quality sushi even if they have less experienced staff, or for those who want a quicker and easier way to make more sushi for their customers.

Find out more about Suzumo sushi sheeting & rolling machines: SVR-NYA, SVR-NXA & SVR-BXA.


A video of the SVR-NXA in action


A video of the SVR-NXA in action

Nigiri Rice Ball Machines

Nigiri is one of the hardest types of sushi to make and sushi chefs in Japan spend many years learning how to make it properly.

Making nigiri by hand can be slow, lead to hygiene problems, and can lead to inconsistent and inferior tasting nigiri unless you have highly qualified sushi chefs.

Fortunately, Suzumo has designed an array of nigiri forming machines that take the hard work and guesswork out of the nigiri-making process.

They make perfect rice balls every time, and make them very quickly.

Find out more about Suzumo nigiri machines: SSG-SCS, SSF-CXA & SSN-FLX.

Sushi Rice Mixers

Properly blended sushi rice is one of the most critical parts of sushi. Sadly, it is often overlooked by many, leading to a inferior tasting sushi product.

Sushi vinegar should be blended thoroughly throughout the mixture, and fanned while cooling to ensure that the vinegar spreads over the surface of the rice grains to give it a glossy finish.

Sushi rice should be mixed gently, taking care not to crush the individual rice grains, which can lead to a stickier and softer rice texture. Sadly, this often occurs when hand mixing rice – but is a problem that can be easily solved using one of these machines.

Thoroughly mixed sushi rice is also much safer to store and eat. Vinegar is acidic, and has antibacterial properties, that when mixed thoroughly into rice, can help extend its storage life and reduce the chances of food poisoning occuring in your sushi business.

Sushi rice mixing machines also speed up the process greatly. They can blend vinegar into rice very thoroughly within 3 to 5 minutes, and save a lot of labour time and costs in your shop.

Find out more about Suzumo rice mixing machines: MCR-SSC and MCR-UNC.


A video of the SSG-SCS in action


A video of the SVC-ATC in action

Sushi Roll Cutter

If you are a caterer or takeaway store selling lots of pieces of sushi, you know that cutting sushi rolls is a problem.

Cutting sushi rolls by hand is slow, can lead to crushed sushi rolls (from holding the sushi roll when cutting), unevenly sized pieces or even cut fingers.

You'll never have to worry about those problems again with a sushi roll cutter. Please click on the navigation bar on the left to check out our sushi roll cutter.

Find out more about Suzumo sushi roll cutter: SVC-ATC.

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