If you've ever made sushi, you'll know that the sushi rice goes cold, and inedible after a few hours. This is because it the moisture in the rice evaporates – leaving you with very hard sushi rice.

This has been a big problem for large sushi producers, and wholesalers who often make large quantities of sushi, and have long periods of production time before the product is consumed. It also prevents a lot of people from delivering sushi into further geographic locations – as the sushi rice's quality quickly degrades after making.

Therefore, a method to extend the useful life of sushi rice, and preventing it from going hard quickly – has enormous commercial benefit for sushi businesses around Australia.

Is it safe extending the life of sushi?

Food safety is of great importance, and must be addressed if a solution is to be found. Fortunately though, like other fermented foods, due to sushi vinegar's low pH and acidity, sushi rice can be stored for long periods of time, safely. So it is just a matter of keeping it from drying out and going hard.

A solution for large producers of sushi

A natural, organic ingredient has been developed in Japan that extends the useful life of cooked sushi rice. I've tried it myself: two day old sushi rice with this additive tastes just like it was cooked an hour ago.

It really is amazing.

The technology has allowed Japanese sushi producers to wholesale and deliver sushi to convenience stores like 7 Eleven, supermarkets and hotels – places which are usually too far, or have sushi sitting around too long (the rice goes hard). The natural additive keeps the rice soft, and tasting like it was made fresh, allowing many businesses to tap into new market opportunities, and scale to much larger production volumes – becoming less limited by logistics or geographic limitations.

If you are a large producer of sushi, or wholesale sushi and are interested in this product, we can get a hold of this for you. It's natural, cheap, and has the potential to really open up opportunities for your business. Please visit this page for more information on the product.